Hi Tim, You will probably not remember me but you taught me guitar when I was about 12 (1983 ish?) when you used to live up at Mont Millais. I was Hilary Le Quesne then. Now many years later I have just picked up my guitar again and I am absolutely loving going over some of the old tunes you taught me.
I still have all my old books and sheet music and I am also trying to learn some new tunes. I don’t have much time with two teenage boys and a husband now but just thought I would say thank you for teaching me.
I don’t think you appreciate these things when you are young – it’s only as you get older you realise how lucky you were to be taught something so beautiful. I have fallen in love with it all over again and will definitely continue. I wish your teaching venture every success! Best wishes, Hilary Morris
I received the above message from a student from many years ago. What a lovely communication from her! It is heartening to know that she appreciates the beauty of the guitar and re-discovering the enjoyment of playing.SaveSav