My musical journey began from the age of 12, I learnt to play classical guitar which quickly progressed into learning how to play flamenco. My teacher Richard Lawrence, spent many years in Spain. He was a well-connected musician and introduced me to Paco Pena, who flamenco lovers will know is a legendary flamenco guitarist. I knew this was going to be a life-long passion.

I first started teaching guitar from my mid-teens, 40 years later my love for it has not changed. I have recently retired from my full time job, after a long and successful career and some intermittent teaching along the way, I will now be putting all my time into guitar playing and tuition.

I have taught students from as young as 6 years old, as well as tutoring students of retirement age. Some have gone on to achieve grade 8 standard. I have also performed at concerts and classical guitar society gatherings over the years.

I acknowledge everyone learns at a different pace and adapt my teaching approach to maximise their musical potential, enjoyment of learning and playing the guitar to a standard that brings them pleasure and is most comfortable for them.

Music is ‘the beats of life’ and I would recommend learning an instrument to anyone. It is a great de-stressor and helps provide balance in the fast paced world we live in. It brings me great pleasure to teach people the intricate skill of playing guitar and share my life-long passion.

I live in Jersey, Channel Islands and teach students in person (when Covid rules allow) and/or via online ‘Zoom’ lessons. This has allowed me to also teach students from further afield.

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