With the current situation we now all find ourselves in and uncertainty of what the future holds in terms of our movements and interactions, I am now teaching on line.

In addition to the actual live lesson I will provide video clips either before and/or after a lesson to support students learning through the week, as well as provide where appropriate PDF of music/supporting material.

The benefits of live on line tuition is you can still learn to play classical/flamenco guitar  from a distance in these unusual times. Learning and developing your guitar skills with new challenges. Your increased time at home will be more varied as you learn to play your guitar and make music! 

One to one tuition with an experienced music tutor allows interactive and immediate feedback on your technique, interpretation and performance of the music you are learning. Books and Youtube courses have their place but do not compare to one to one tuition. 

For me, I love teaching, passing on my knowledge and seeing my students develop and enjoy their new learnt skills and pieces. I have worked hard at building up my guitar teaching business and don’t want to see it simply evaporate! Time teaching and providing additional support also fills my week in a very positive creative way, as well as provide an income of course! 

I use professional video conferencing software rather than Skype, FaceTime etc which is geared more towards social communications. I use a high quality webcam that will ensure you see and hear me crystal clear!

I will provide you with technical details of how to ‘link up’ for the lesson, ensuring smooth communications.  

Why not give it a go………….

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